• Janice Vieira- “ I never knew how important it was to have an experienced & knowledgeable trainer whose approach is always positive and encouraging until I met Phillip. Has a great attitude, always punctual and I look forward to my 5:30 am workout with him.”
  • Jennifer Fraser- “ I really enjoy working with Phillip! We train early three times a week before dawn (that’s 4:30 am!) and he is always in good spirits and cracking a smile. Phillip is very knowledgeable about the body and how to correctly move it for each exercise. He monitors my form as he encourages me to finish each repetition just as strong as the first one. Phillip is patient, understanding, and kind and by training with him I’m able to be consistent with my workouts. I know I’m on the right path to becoming a better me.”
  • Shannon- “ I enjoy a good workout and Phillip’s style of pushing me to my limit is just what I need to feel good about getting stronger. He is a great motivator and keeps each workout manageable. I can always count on something new and fresh each session.”
  • Debbie Gold- “ Phillip encourages and meets you where you are at. He’s knowledgeable about nutrition, another critical aspect to fitness & weight loss.”
  • Randy McVey- “For me finding a personal trainer that has the right balance of knowledge, motivation, education, creativity, and energy to keep me focused on reaching my fitness goals is key. Phil has all these and much more. He keeps the workouts fresh, energizing, and never boring.”
  • Kevin- “ My highest compliments to Phillip Durity. He seamlessly combines his superior fitness knowledge with being personable and fun; I couldn’t be more pleased.”
  • David Sherman- “ Phil’s dedication, persistent reassurance, carefully devised and controlled exercises have been amazing. He provides me with physical and emotional security, which encourages me to try to improve. I find him to be competent, knowledgeable, intuitive, and caring with great interpersonal skills. I look forward to a long professional relationship with Phil and certainly recommend him without hesitation.”
  • Leslie - “ Phillip’s unique style of training is very helpful; he mixes up the routine every single day which keeps us guessing. His personality creates the perfect blend so that he encourages me, but doesn’t badger me. He knows how to work with me in every situation.”
  • June Mcmahon- “ I have loved participating in boot camp class, never the same workout, a fantastic mix of both men & women of all ages. Phil is very masterful at challenging me to push the limit. It is great being paired up during class with different partners for the stations. It really helped me raise the bar. One of my proudest moments was when I could plank for 90 seconds, what a change from when I first started and could only hold it for 20 seconds! I was beyond touched, and felt very proud of myself when before Thanksgiving, Phil handed each of us a letter telling why he was thankful we were a part of the class and giving examples of how far each of us had come. Thanks Phil!”
  • Lynda Sullenberger- “ I leave every workout feeling great. I feel pushed to do better, but nothing outside my capabilities. I haven’t had the same workout twice- each class is unique. My personal favorite is cardio night. I leave this class feeling like I could just keep running and running. Phillip’s passion for fitness goes beyond what I have seen and truly does inspire me to keep going.”

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