Individual One-on-One Personal Training   (60 minutes per session)

Custom-fit training sessions tailored to your goals. Will include my nutritional awareness guide along with unlimited amount of support/feedback to keep you on the fast track to success.

10 sessions- $75 per session

20 sessions- $65 per session

30 sessions- $55 per session

Tandem Training   (60 minutes per session)

Tag team training that requires you and your partner to work in unison in order to complete each workout.

10 sessions- $45 each/per session

20 sessions- $40 each/per session

30 sessions- $35 each/per session


Fitness Boot Camps   (60 minutes per session)

Minimum of 5 people per class. Low/Moderate/High Intensity total body workouts that are sure to shock your body and change the way you think of fitness.

1 session drop in rate- $20 per session

10 session package- $15 per session

20 session package- $12 per session


Team/Athletic Training   (60 minutes per session)

Emphasis on improving your teams overall performance in your desired sport.

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Would you prefer having the experience of a one-on-one workout session without the inconvenience of actually going to the gym? Introducing Skypercise. Whether you’re at the office, home with the kids, on vacation, or on the go, your exercise session is one click away. I provide training via a webcam, laptop and Internet connection

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No matter what service you need, every program will be designed to get the most out of every individual to produce the best results.

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