I wanted to ask a simple question to everyone. Feel free to respond if you’d like. Your response will be confidential. My passion has always been sports & fitness and with that takes immense amounts of dedication and sacrifice to truly excel to the next level. Persistence with the upmost desire is the key to success. Not just in sports and fitness, but in life it takes substantial motivation to achieve your ultimate goal. You need to step outside your comfort zone if you ever have a shot at transforming who you are to what you want to become. Everyone is unique and has their own reasons for embracing change or shutting the door on it.

I’d like to get your personal take on what drives you to reach the goals you set whether it be intrinsic or extrinsic. On the other hand, what’s blocking you from reaching or surpassing your goal? There are no limitations; it can range from exercise goals, family, work, social life, or just anything in life. What is propelling you to keep going or what is holding you back?

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