Phillip Durity

Think. Ask yourself “Why do I want to change?” Tell me why and I will show you how. Hi, my name is Phillip Durity and I represent Phil-n-Out Fitness. The way I approach fitness is directly related to how I live my life. By building on what I worked on yesterday; today I am one step closer to reaching what I set out to achieve.

Growing up, my life revolved around sports such as baseball, basketball, wrestling, but my true love was for the game of football. Ultimately, it would lead me down the path to fitness. With a family member who competed in bodybuilding competitions, it inspired me to follow suit.

Winner of the Gold’s Gym 12 Week Transformation Challenge, which propelled me to compete in Men’s Physique competitions. Currently pursuing an Exercise Science Degree at Towson University in addition to being certified through National Strength Professional Association (NSPA), American Council on Exercise (ACE) & H20 Fitness.

My passionate drive to help others through fitness stems from seeing the gratification on their face when they see how much they’ve grown from day one to who they are today.